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  In your Jeans Co.  

In Your Jeans Co. is the 'other birth child' of my very creative mother Jackie Armstrong. She is a self taught sewing sorcerous. 

She first became acquainted with a sewing machine back in the 70's, but after a very disappointing start, she didn't touch a machine again for over 10 years. Finally she realised that following these conventional patterns wasn't for her, and decided to scrap the usual methods and evolved into the creative genius she is today!


Her passion for working with denim and anything bright, eye catching and super colourful, teamed with her Virgo perfectionism and attention to detail is reflected in every piece she makes.

We’re both very passionate about the less waste, sustainable fashion and upcycling movement and want to ensure our items are as eco-friendly as possible. For this reason, all the handmade items she is creating are made from salvaged clothing, donated by friends and family or rescued from thrift stores and markets to prevent them ending up in landfill.

For the moment these items are exclusively available in our online store but we hope to be able to make them available again at our festivals and pop-up stockists real soon!


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