Brexit Bulls*@t and Boundaries Beyond My Control!!

Do I honestly believe there is no need for boundaries in life? No, not exactly. I’m still a bit of a dreamer but I’m also a realist. What I do think is that we put too many unnecessary barriers in our own paths.

The definition of a ‘Boundary’ according to a is: Something that indicates bounds or limits; a limiting or bounding line.

To me nothing in that sentence screams positivity! They define it as a bounding line around a country, city, state, territory, most often designates a line on a map (often in red), which brings me to why I wanted to start this blog to tell my travel tales and funny anecdotes.

I am 33 and in terms of boundaries this puts me in a category beyond eligibility for working holiday visas. This is a devastating reality for a nomadic human like myself, who has made a lifestyle out of consistently settling building a life for periods of time, and then continuing on my journey of discovering all that the world may have to offer.

I have taken as much advantage as possible so far in my adult life, and experimented with lots of the visa options available to me, but am I ready to stop? Hell no!

no longer eligible for working holiday visa
Do I look too old to you?

Answer me this; how do you define what age someone is no longer a useful contributor to a country other than their birthplace? I don’t understand what happened to me in the eyes of immigration, that would mean I can no longer work and qualify to legally work in the countries I could a couple of years ago. I don’t look that much older and I certainly am not that much less able. I’m potentially healthier and of a much saner mind… Let me back in you losers!!

The jurisdiction is currently under review and they are considering raising the legal age to 35 and have already done so in some cases. Still, why 35?? I'm closer to 35 than I am 30 and I still think I have a bunch to offer these countries.

Now there's the looming threat of my own place of birth trying to keep me captive! Brexit What the F*@k? What is wrong with the people of the UK, what did you honestly think you were going to achieve by isolating ourselves from the rest of Europe? Sure we were sold the benefits of a potentially more prosperous economy, but do you people ever get out of your front doors and look around... the government may become a little more economically powerful but you and I, no chance!

With less than a month before we 'Leave Europe' and talks of another extension while Theresa tries to buy some extra time and get her shit together, there's still no guidelines for the people that travel the world like myself. Even the government don't back their decision and half of the parliament seats are walking away from their leaders. I hate politics at the best of times but this is just ridiculous. The lack of trust and organisation from my birthplace has seriously got me looking at other options.

My life right now is pretty cruisy... A day in the life of us consists of, living in my Van with my dog Buster. We’re currently parked in the Spanish village of Sierro, in Andalucía. I spend my mornings walking around this breathtaking landscape, climbing mountains and hopping over riverbeds with him.

The Afternoons are spent sitting in the sunshine on the step of my van making jewellery or writing content for you guys and when the Sun slips behind the mountains we head into the village to spend time with my parents (steal some Wi-Fi) in their little village house. It’s a simple life but it refills our souls from the summers spent working hard in the UK.

Like I was saying, our summers are spent in the UK, this is our busy work time. We have 8 weeks of small hippy festivals, carnivals and holiday camps, mostly spread across Norfolk and Suffolk, with the Braidy Bunch Crew. We then embark on our own separate adventures. Jackie (my Mumma), Owner of the Braidy Bunch heads back to her house the Andalucían Mountains to chill and live where the expense of life is much lower than in the UK. I try and head to where it's still warm! Last year I came through France and visited a friend in Bordeaux to get a tattoo. I then stopped off to see friends in San Sebastian. Got stuck in the whirlwind of Barcelona for a few weeks and headed to the beautiful surf town of Ericeira in Portugal, where I picked up a Volunteer position in a Yoga retreat called Omassim.

Our plans for the next few months are no less exciting; we head back to the retreat in Portugal in 3 weeks, stopping off at Tarifa and the Algarve on our way back. We’ll be working with the retreat and doing a couple of small events with the stall from March 23rd until June 10th and then we are driving the northwest Galicia coastline. Will be in the Basque country for a month working with the Stoke Travel Surf camp and setting up the Forgotten Boundaries stall at the Wine fight in Rioja and San Fermin.

With the ever looming Brexit decision, simple things like insuring my Van, getting Buster a passport and booking transport back into the UK are being put on hold! I made the decision last year that I was finished with the long term trips. My days of skipping borders and fooling immigration with my intentions were over, after a brush with the law in the USA. But now the government are about to take away my European options too.

I’ve never seen myself as English, or if people ask me where I’m from, I honestly can’t stomach saying the UK. For almost my whole adult life I’ve lived in Europe somewhere, or further overseas. I was born in the UK but I’m European. A 90-day green card entry is just not going to work for my lifestyle. So what’s next? Do I take Spanish residency? Do I go back to my border hopping immigration fooling ways? Will my dog and van have more rights to be in Europe than me?

Stay tuned to see what challenges we face getting back in and out of the UK in the next few months… Any advice, new immigration beating schemes and general suggestions on how we can all continue to live the life we desire are always welcome.

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