It's Not Luck... I Get It From My Mumma!

When people tell me I’m lucky to live the life I lead, I honestly want to slap them with a huge flat palm across their face. I don’t think I am lucky, I think I just made different decisions in my life to most and luckily for me my family understand.

To be lucky would imply that I have lived this life according to chance or that the opportunities I have come across are always positive. This simply isn't true, I had many struggles and my poor parents probably feel the dragged me up rather than bringing me up. I am fortunate for the opportunities i've taken however they have never just fallen in my lap. Every decision I have made has been due to a huge change in my life, some of them super fun, some of them really not that fun at all. I made the decision to change all of these negative situations and live a life that is in my favour, which will leave me fulfilled with very few or no regrets.

I’ll tell you a little secret… I don’t believe in chance. I believe in destiny. I think everything happens for a reason and that the whole universe will conspire to help us achieve our dreams. I think if we are open to change the direction of our lives and our course of actions according to a gut feeling, the people we attract and the situations that follow are a direct result of our own choices and proximity to our true destiny...

Sound like mumbo jumbo? You should probably scroll away from the site or unsubscribe now, because there's heaps more philosophical based rambling opinions and insights into my mind to follow!

Here’s where I am lucky; I have an unconventional and extremely liberal family. Looking back on my

picture of my mum and dad
The Parents

upbringing as an adult, I have come to realise I may not have a ‘normal’ family, but in this day and age what the hell is normal? Unlike most, my parents are still together, unlike most, those guys still didn’t manage to tie the so-called knot. Maybe this is a good thing; and maybe it’s everyone else has it wrong, maybe after 34 years they’re still just not sure that they’re ready for it.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this slight dysfunction; my mother’s parents are not together. My Nan (mum’s mum) was raised on the road as part of the travelling fair. Nan started to create a family of her own at the age of 16, married at ?? and 3 children later, she realised this wasn’t working for her, being the

strong human being and inspirational woman I love so much, she got the hell out of there. Unfortunately

my grandma
My beautiful Nan

there was one more hiccup along the way before she found my Granddad, now this beautiful man has no children of his own, but took her and her slightly unruly brood into his life and raised them and myself like we were the most precious things on earth, for that I am Lucky.

Now let's have a look on the other side of this unconventional family tree; welcome Dad. So dad is another amazing male figure in my life, but I’m the first to admit we haven’t always seen eye to eye and that he pretty much dragged me up not brought me up, but here we are happily still figuring it out way into my 30’s. I don’t know too much about my Dad’s parents, my Nan was around periodically in our lives but not always with positive effects and his father I never got to meet. What I do have from my father's side is an amazing sister, granted technically she is only a half sister as we only share one parent, but in my eyes we’re a whole lot of the same person.

destination wedding, Vegas
My Sister's Vegas Wedding

Listen carefully because this is where it gets a little tricky for people I’ve found;

My sister is only 11 months older than me, we would have been in the same class if we went to the same school.

We were raised separately, but both had Dad in our lives. At the age of 12 we started working together at the Braidy Bunch,spending almost everyday together during summer,for a good section of our adolescence. My sisters step father also worked with us and happens to be one of my dad’s best friends, so we’re all pretty close and have even been on family holidays together.

Still with me? My sister also has a half brother that was around a little when we were young,

but who is now an amazing musician and spends a large section of his time on the road busking in his band The Kiwi Pips and hanging out at festivals with My Mum and Dad. It’s slightly confusing I know, but isn’t it also really beautiful?

I think this liberal; lack of restraints and need to fit in with the ‘Normal’ way to live a life, is what actually makes me lucky. My parents have never put any pressure on me to be, or do anything, except not be a deadbeat. I earn my own money, make my own decisions and live a life that is free spirited, forgetting all boundaries.

But is this all about to change…?

My Beautiful Mumma and I are pretty much clones of each other, I'm pretty certain of it. There's some kind of conspiracy behind our likeness, damn, they didn't even bother to give me a different birthday!! This isn't something that upsets me much as she's such an amazing person. We spend way too much of our lives apart, but as I'm getting older this is happening less often as my travels are now way more European based and for the last few years we have been spending our Summers running her festival stall and building a business together online. She is a very talented and creative human being, back when I was 15, I started a hair braiding stall on great yarmouth seafront and as it took off, I taught both my mum and my sister to braid and it became a family business. We had many summers of fun down there on Great Yarmouth seafront together, but as my sister and I got older and the laws regarding the license changed, we had to move on and so did the business. This is when my Mum created the Braidy Bunch Crew. She started finding local festivals and events that would let her hair braid and from their started to create her own hand made products such as knitted bags and jewellery. Since then the business has grown from strength to strength and we now have back to back events every weekend and sometimes during the week from May right through till September. The quality and the range of products has also grown, with here now about to launch her new bag range this summer created from recycled denim clothing.

I've been out here in the mountains working alongside her, whist she's making bags, I'm making jewellery and working behind the scenes to try and grab pictures of moments and products to share with you guys. She inspires me and taches me new things every day and I hope with the hard work and determination we have between us we will continue to be able to support this free-living happy lifestyle we both enjoy. Whilst it may look like we're always on the road and enjoying ourselves, we both our butts off, everything we sell is handmade and individually made. there is no factory (although Dad feels like we've turned the house into one) and no team to make these individual pieces. It's all from these two pairs of hands. We love what we do and we really wouldn't change it for the world so please keep on following our adventures, Subscribe to the blog and get over to my store for all your individually handmade gifts. Most of the jewellery components I use are recycled or sustainable and almost everything Mum is using to create these amazing bags is upcycled! So you're not only supporting local small business, but having a good impact on the environment!!

Mother's Day (UK) is just around the corner (31st March), so If you love your Mumma as much as I do why not show her with a little gift from the Forgotten Boundaries jewellery range online now

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