Could You Live Your Life Without Boundaries?

Hello and welcome to my world... I'm a single female traveller in her 30's. I have spent the last 8 years of my life travelling solo around this planet. I've set up semi-permanent homes in 5 different continents and lived for longer than a blink of an eye in 6 of them. To say I'm a bit of a gypsy in an understatement...

My family are based between the UK and the Spanish mountains and I'm currently roaming around Europe in my converted Van called "Van-essa". I’ve been searching for the right place to settle and try and be less of a nomad for at least the last 3-4 years. But the truth is:

I'm almost 100% certain, bricks and a permanent home will never bring me happiness!

I've lived away from home since the age of 18, when I moved to Dublin to follow my dreams of being an airhostess. Let's just say that was pretty short lived. Being a trolley dolly is not as glamorous as it appears and for a low cost airline is certainly not as glamorous at all. I then moved back to the UK and pursued a seven-year career within the fitness industry. But that wanderlust never went away. After an eight and a half month trip around Asia in 2009 on my own, then a snow season in the Austrian Alps I decided to give in to that urge and quit trying to live in the UK for good!

Checking one of the many surf breaks around Taghazout
Moroccan Adventures

I'm very much a 'yes' person. If someone asks me to do something and I can't find a good reason why I shouldn't do it, I pretty much always say yes. This has lead me to some pretty exciting situations like living in North Africa in a surf camp for a year and partying full time for a company called Stoke Travel in Barcelona for 4 years. It's also lead me down the wrong path once or twice, like following my heart to the USA and almost being deported. I still believe those decisions had to be made and the lessons had to be learnt.

Although I'm heading towards trying to calm down a little in my older life, I possibly even want to start a family one-day. There has always been a naughty little party animal is still inside of me like a devil on my shoulder. She's seen quite a few things and has a multitude of travel stories, experiences and worldly advice that I may just be willing to share...

I feel I'm about to enter the next stage of my existence and dare I even say it, become a calmer and more balanced human?!

UK festival set up in the Harlequin festival campsite
UK Festival Vanlife

I've spent my life since April living full time in my Van. I'm learning the pleasure of having all of my belongings in one space and discovering a new healthier sustainable way of living. I've been on the road full time since September, passing through France, San Sebastian, and Barcelona and finally settling in Ericeira, a beautiful little surf town just north of Lisbon. I have discovered a passion for yoga and potentially a new calling in my life, whilst working at a vegetarian Yoga Retreat called Omassim.

When I say settled, I'm not settled at all. I just had to fly back to the UK for a couple of months, to earn some much needed cash to fix a broken gearbox on the van and had the added bonus or a family christmas again this year.

Luckily 9 1/2 weeks of night shifts is now over, and I have returned to Portugal to continue the gearbox saga so I can head to the sanctuary of the mountains with the parents. But, there's no rushing when Portuguese mechanics are involved! It's forcing me to hibernate here in Ericeira with my new family for a little longer than intended and that's certainly no punishment. I'll just immerse myself in the village mentality and my new healthy lifestyle of fitness and yoga and perhaps I'll get just one more party in with the amazing people over at the House of the Rising Mojo?

I have decided to practice the art of patience and leave it up to the universe to decide when and where i move on to next...

I do not want to do this alone though, I know there are others out there who have made the same life choices I have. I want to hear from you, please validate that I am a normal human! Lets swap stories and we can all contribute to this blog, maybe we'll influence the next generation of travellers. wouldn't that be fun?

Could you forget your boundaries and live nomadic life?

Let me warn you now, travel is the most addictive drug of all time, you will never kick it and your life will never be the same... but that's not a bad thing in my eyes!

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