Whats Wrong With a Lustful Existance?

I have quite a reputation for being the international hater of girlfriends and all things relationship-related. This is not entirely true… Although it does hold some truth to it.

I am one of those blessed humans that has been lucky enough in my short but eventful life to be able to say I have 100% been head over heels in love with another person. Yes, this comes as quite a shock to some of the people who have met me in my very single later years. I once had all my ducks in a row, enjoyable job, gorgeous partner, I cooked, cleaned and loved every single day.

What happened? I moved on and desired lust, excitement and adventure more than stability and comfort. Having already experienced what in my eyes was an almost perfect love, I vowed never to settle for anything less than what I had. I fully believe that unless another person brings something and improves your life they should not be in it.

So do I hate relationships or girlfriends? No… Around 80% of my friends are guys and around 50% now have girlfriends (this has increased as we are getting older). I do not hate all of their girlfriends, in fact, most of them are really cool. What I do dislike is the change in my friends when they get a partner. Why is it that they are no longer capable of being the person they were before this relationship, surely that’s who the person they are with fell for in the first place? They always give the image of being super happy when the reality is that they also miss that old person, because every single second they can escape they revert straight back to their old ways and who’s beside the taking the blame for misleading them, little old me, and for this I’m cast as the ultimate bitch and girlfriend hater.

Being in lust is a very powerful and amazing emotion, the pure animalistic desire to be with another person is very underrated in my opinion, people search for love but forget that being in lust and craving another human is the most fun part. It’s that first part of meeting someone where your stomach flips your heart rate excels, you stumble over sentences and you can think of nothing other than being pinned against a wall and ripping each other’s clothes off. Pure unadulterated desire, I’m all for it!

What I have come to conclude about the whole situation after being in love once and in lust a few more times than once, is that love is a wonderful thing, but lust is a fiendish instrument of torture that takes over much harder, and for me is not as easy to run away from. You must enjoy whatever option takes hold of you, and when either option is no longer fun, go and seek the happiness and excitement you enjoyed initially.

Love and lust in equal measures… I think I have lots more lusting to do yet!!!

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