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"I've been described as many things in my lifetime, but I think I most like to be seen as a headstrong woman with a wandering gypsy soul.

It's time to finally do something with all the beautiful life experiences I've managed to fit into my 30 (something) years.



My Mission: Living a positive and self-sufficient life in a van.

I’m an advocate of living life freely and reducing my footprint, whilst creating and sharing magical moments on the road.


I have no intention of stopping this nomadic lifestyle any time soon, however, there are restrictions that are threatening to compromise my existence. I've realised I need to change something drastically, as I am no longer eligible for Working Holiday Visas and this looming Brexit story is really cramping my style!!



I have grown tired of working my butt off for other people and decided it's time focus a little closer to home. It's time to build something for myself, that will allow me to continue to live this lifestyle full time! so here it is...  I am a jewellery maker that advocates off-grid living and Vanlife. This is my travel blog and online store about healthy living and my yoga lifestyle.


Skipping borders, sneaking in and out of countries is nothing new to me, and I feel it's only going to get more exciting as I conquer the daily challenges life on the road throws at me...




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