The Wellness Zone

"Health is a state of body.

Wellness is a state of being"

J. Stanford

Welcome to the new chapter in my life. Well not exactly...

I first became interested in my own health and ability to change the way I looked and felt when I was 17 years of age. I joined a little 'spit and sawdust' gym in my hometown and became quickly became addicted to the feeling of wellness.

I soon decided that I wanted to be involved in the industry and got qualified as an instructor and as an exercise to music teacher in 2005. I went on to teach classes and helped to run a gym for the next 7 years. I was also involved in putting together and managing weight management programmes for the UK health system (NHS) for both adults and children.

I became a little disillusioned by the way the industry in the UK was going, and my passion for travel took over back in 2011. So I set off around the world almost consistently until now.

Last year I found Omassim Guesthouse, a beautiful retreat located in Ericeira, Portugal. Here I've reignited my love for fitness, nutrition & well being. I was lucky enough to work here the majority of last year in the kitchen and decided I needed to spend more of my time here this season.

I'm pleased to announce I have returned to this magical place and I'm currently offering a full range of fitness classes one to locals and tourists. check out the Wellness Studio Classes section for full timetable, or book yourself on the full Fitness & Yoga Experience.


I will also be working on building an online community, to offer a wide range of online coaching and therapies, nutritional programming and Plant-based recipe ideas.