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Flex it stretch it and move it, morning blast to start the day right.
Sun, Tues Fri... Limited Space
11am > October 2020
12€  (45 Mins)
Feel the burn in this high intensity interval class
HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Mon & Fri...Limited Space
4pm > October 2020
12€  (45 Mins)
Learn the basic techniques and using gravity to get it done
Available on Request
12€  (45 Mins)
Kettlebell Training
Learn the fundamentals of this ancient Thai martial art
Available on Request From September 2020
25€  (75 Mins)
17.50€ (5 sessions booked)
Muay Thai Training
Full body workout that'll leave you feeling wild
Tuesdays... Limited Space
4pm> October 2020
12€  (45 Mins)
Primal Movements
Functional movements, using multiple muscle groups to strengthen the whole body
Wednesday... Limited Space
11am> October 2020
12€  (45 Mins)
Body Synergistics
Dynamic and invigorating morning Vinyasa flow class
8am> Limited Space  
12€  (75 Mins)
Morning Yoga Flow
Evening Yin Yoga Class
Perfect way to end your day with this restorative Yin practice 
Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs
6.15 pm> Limited Space
12€  (75 Mins)

Group Booking Prices Available:

5 Classes: = 48

10 Classes = 78

Personal Training Also Available

* Does not include Muay Thai